Open Conferences

I’ll be presenting at the following “open conferences” in the coming months.

March 23, 2015: The  2015 ASCD Annual Conference in Houston, TX

March 24, 2015: The Medical Nursing Conference, St. Cloud, MN

May 12, 2015: Director’s Leadership Academy, Child Care Resources, Inc. Charlottesville, NC

October 23-25, 2015: Leadership Conference, Abu Dhabi

October 30, 2015: The 2015 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership in San Diego, CA

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Custom Webinars and Keynotes

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Webinars and telecasts are a terrific learning option for your organization. Not only do you save travel expenses, but you reduce your carbon footprint. We offer you several options for using these methods to bring professional development from Wisdom Out into your organization:

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