Elle Allison-Napolitano

Elle Allison-Napolitano

Whether you want a workshop, keynote, an off-site conference — you will feel inspired, confident, and ready for sustainable change.

“The Leadership Resilience Bootcamp was a practical, thought provoking, and hands on opportunity to delve deep into the strategies I can use right away to bring leadership resilience into my life, my work team, and my community. What a gift!” ~ Karen Boyd, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Oakland, CA

“The Resilience Bootcamp was fun, informational, practical. The fact that different professions were brought together enriched the experience. I plan to do a presentation to my team and incorporate some of the exercises we did here.” ~Jane Yi, Performance Effectiveness Manager, Stanford Health Care

“This workshop has been a great opportunity for renewal and I will be taking a renewed “can do” attitude back to work with me. The lessons you learn from Elle will help you become a success and will contribute to your physical and mental wellness.” ~Stephanie Youngberg, Director of Nursing, Brightstar Care, St. Croix Valley MN

“Elle, you are an excellent facilitator and energizer! Here are all the reasons why someone should bring you in to their organization: Increase your awareness of self, others and the organization, energize your leadership, enhance your resilience, Build your team, grow your leaders, get the best leadership!” ~ Mary Jo Koschel, University of Colorado Health

“Elle is highly engaging and provides great interactions between participants! I walked away with many leadership resilience gems. I can’t wait to start applying these resilience leadership skills.” ~ Jim Detwiler, Assistant Superintendent, Bonne County School District, KY.


A Few Comments from Elle’s Keynote at the Professional Nurse Educator Conference in Kansas City, KN:

“Elle is a dynamic speaker, well informed about her topic. She was the perfect choice for a keynote speaker, and I felt more knowledgeable after I left the opening session.”

“I found Elle to be very insightful, inspirational, and funny!  Thoroughly enjoyed her presentation Friday morning.”

“Excellent use of using the theme of the conference to make some very realistic and usable points.”

“Fabulous speaker with great insights. Very motivating for the rest of the conference.”

“Exceptional speaker and very relevant content.” “I really enjoyed this reflective presentation and it was refreshing to not just have nurses make all the presentations!”

“Elle is very warm as a speaker–even in a large room full of people. I liked hearing stories about her research–it really made me connect ideas.”

A Few Comments from Elle’s Numerous Coaching Conferences!

“I aspire to be the best coach that I can be and I am always striving to perfect my craft. Elle’s knowledge, experience, and expertise have certainly supplemented my knowledge base, added to my repertoire of techniques, and expanded on skill levels of coaching.”

“Elle was fabulous! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to implementing new techniques!”

“Thanks to Elle for the wonderful quality training we received during three days together. I feel energized and eager to start practicing!”

A Few Comments from Elle’s Workshops on Performance Improvement Coaching:

“This work is extremely beneficial for any administrator involved in the implementation of new teacher or employee evaluation systems. It effectively prepares evaluators to build coaching skills needed to provide strategies to positively impact professional improvements and drive positive performance outcomes. Elle is insightful and graced with professional wisdom unparalleled by her contemporaries.

~ Kimberly Laliberte, NBCT Principal Residency Network.



We’d love to hear how Wisdom Out has made a difference in your life and work. Email Elle to add your comments to this page.

 “Coaching is a path to transformative growth for any individual or organization. I see it as a powerful tool for use in health care organizations that are wanting to develop their internal processes, renew their missions and reaffirm their goals.”
–Dolly Curran-Cameron, RN, University of New Mexico Hospitals

“These practices lead to sustainable leadership, but more importantly, they change the culture to one where mindful leadership, action and follow through are the norm.”
–Dr. Michael Barnes, PhD

“We all have the responsibility to improve and support our colleagues. The Performance Improvement Coaching Conversation takes the drama out of an emotionally charged situation.”
–Tracee Grigsby, Professional Development Coordinator, Alief ISD

“Suffice it to say, I think the 6 days provided more thought provoking time than any graduate class I have ever taken and that is a long list. It was just perfect for me, and honestly I think I feel refreshed and renewed with my work to breathe just a little easier and to spend more time contemplating the “bigger game.”
–Dr. Barb Hansen, Dave Longaberger Professor of Teaching and Learning (New Concord, OH)