Good Vibrations! Five Ways to Move Others to Action.

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2009 Photo by Elle Allison Napolitano

2009 Photo by Elle Allison Napolitano

Copyright © 2014 Elle Allison Napolitano
“Great leaders move us.”
(Golman, Boyatzis, and McKee)
 New Year beginnings are AWESOME. Even if you choose to forego drafting a personal list of “resolutions,” you probably still feel eager to make things happen in your life and leadership work in 2014. Leaders who understand how contagious emotions are, make it their business to transmit emotions that inspire action in themselves and in others. Here are five tips for being a more resonant leader:
1. Don’t be shy to show your emotions, but don’t be a hot mess! Emotions make leaders more authentic; they contextualize your passion for important work and they help others “get” where you’re coming from. At the same time, remember that resonant leaders mindfully transmit vision, hope and a “can do” spirit and they mindfully regulate emotions that undermine confidence in themselves and in others.
2. Maintain your presence even when others around you are in a funk. Remember, emotions can be quite transient–they come and they go. If someone around you is upset, the worst thing you can do is let their emotional forcefield erode your equanimity or cause you to allow your own emotions to run amok.
3. Listen, just listen. People have a better chance of figuring things out for themselves when they can hear themselves think out loud. When it comes to helping others face their most vexing problems, listening without trying to fix or to solve the problem almost always leads to insight and may even lead to uncanny answers.
4. Be humble and open.  Research from UC Berkeley found that newly hatched leaders tend to “eat more cookies, chew with their mouths open, and leave more crumbs.” The implications of this study are as important for veteran leaders as they are for novice leaders: Don’t take yourself so seriously that you fail to notice if you’re the one absorbing all the oxygen in the room. Turn to those around you and bring out the best in them.
5. Renew. It really is difficult to be a resonant leader when you are exhausted, depressed, uninspired, or overwhelmed. Serious leadership work means you cannotrest (you can’t ever stop doing what good leaders do), but you absolutely must renew. Renewal means care taking your spirit, your mind, your body and your relationships. When you renew, you not only have energy to be fully present in your interactions with others, but you also set an example that can transform the entire culture for the better.
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