How Women Cultivate Leadership Resilience: Three Practices

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In my previous article, titled “Women Leaders are Strong as Hell,” I wrote about the assets needed for resilient leadership and how those assets are harder to come by for women. In this post I focus on what women can do to cultivate leadership resilience.

Leveraging qualities that help everyone grow stronger from adversity, I offer a few strategies, nuanced for women:

1. Women are highly empathic. Therefore, talk about what you are passionate about related to the mission of your organization and the vexing challenges of your field, and ask others to do the same. When you do this, you build connections with and between people whose combined passions create diverse networks of resources to create innovative solutions.

2. Women tend to sublimate their needs and put the needs of others first. Therefore, although it may seem counter-intuitive, especially during times of adversity and disruption, don’t let your world shrink. Instead increase your experiences and engage in activities and events that take you away for a while, from thinking exclusively about whatever it is that is causing consternation. The novel experiences you provide for yourself will jar your mind and create the conditions that create insight; those “ah-a moments” that reveal new possibilities, new relationships, and previously untapped resources.

3. Women want to help others succeed. Therefore, sharpen the skills that make you a great advocate for others, and apply them to your ideas too. Advocacy skills, which include communication, problem solving, collaboration and inspiring and motivating others, also make you a leader whose ideas resonate and rise to the top.

In the end, organizations are strengthened when they deepen assets that raise up a diverse work force with equal access to leadership opportunities. Meanwhile, it’s helpful to know that you can focus on a few practices to deepen your own capacity for leadership resilience. These three are a good place to start.

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