“Make a dent in the universe.” –Steve Jobs

Leaders like you have stories to tell. You have wisdom about how to lead and how to design organizations and relationships that produce aspirational outcomes.

Here at Wisdom Out, we have a tradition of using assessments, surveys and stories from real leaders, teams, couples and organizations, to translate great ideas into practical action.

Ways You Can Participate:

Take the Leadership Resilience Inventory! (the inventory is from Elle’s new book: Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership)

What would it mean for your organization if more people said they were a “10” in happiness about the work they do and the impact it has? The Leadership Resilience Inventory will provide you with insight about yourself in the three resilience enabler: Relationships, Resonance, and Renewal. After you take the inventory, you’ll receive a personal email with your results. Click here to go to the Leadership Resilience Inventory page

Participate in the Wisdom Out “Sources of Happiness at Work” Survey

We welcome your participation in our survey about the sources of happiness in the work place, during the workday. The survey will only take 15-20 minutes of your time and will be enormously helpful to the Wisdom Out community. To thank you for participating in this survey, you’ll receive a complimentary PDF file of “Happy: 25 Things Organizations Can Do To Increase Happiness in the Workplace.”
Click here to go to the Happiness Survey now

Bring a Workshop or Keynote to Your Organization

Wisdom Out provides leadership and organizational development training to help leaders, teams and organizations sustain transformational change and bring their best initiatives to deep implementation where they can make a real difference. We would love to work with you to design the right learning program for your organization. You can use the link below to go to the training portion of this website and grab a downloadable brochure. Better yet, call or email Elle to put together a professional development program that works for you >>

Click here to visit our Training section where you’ll learn more about our basic workshops and keynotes.

Sign Up for Our Complimentary Webinars

Each month, we offer a complimentary webinar designed to explore various aspects of transformational leadership and leadership coaching. These webinars are consistent with our desire to keep up a regular conversation with our clients and colleagues and support you in your work. For more webinar fun, ask your team members to register with you and then continue the conversation off line with each other. You can also plan a series of webinars with Elle, specifically for your team. Just give a call and we’ll put it together for you. Click here to register for our newsletter and webinar announcements.

Nominate a Leader, Couple, or Team to the Wisdom Out Story Project

Do you know a leader or a couple or an entire team with a knack for making things turn out? When you make a referral to Wisdom Out, you have a voice in defining what wisdom looks like in the world today. Send me an email >>