Wisdom in Education: A Passion for the Greater Good

A Passion for the Greater Good

Educators are here to make a difference. To do something meaningful. To leave a legacy that guides future generations. Educational leaders seek to create cultures where people learn together and people lead together to create real and deep sustainable change.

Wisdom Out provides leadership and organizational development training to help leaders, teams and organizations sustain transformational change and bring their best initiatives to deep implementation where they can make a real difference.

Transformational Leadership in Education

A Message From Elle, Founder of Wisdom Out

When I wrote the three book series on how effective leaders and organizations sustain meaningful change it was to meet a dire need of educational leaders, most often expressed as something like this:

“We know the right things to do, but we are unable to sustain implementation long enough to make a real difference. We end up starting and abandoning what we know should work. Sometimes, because the culture is so opposed to change, we can’t even get good initiatives off the ground.”

The change dilemmas that leaders in education face require leadership strategies that bring out the wisdom in leaders at all levels in the system. When we talk about leadership we mean anyone in the system who steps forward to take on the role of influencing others toward a common endeavor, goal or cause, regardless of their formal position. We mean teachers, principals, district office leaders, university professors, deans, department heads, and team leaders. This way of thinking creates more opportunities for leadership even in the smallest of work sites.

What does transformational leadership look like in education as opposed to leadership that is not transformational? In a nutshell, transformational leadership considers not just achieving results, but it also takes care to use processes and perspectives that simultaneously build leadership in others and sustains the best work of the system to create a greater good. In other words, transformational leadership plays a bigger game. How does transformational leadership do this? By…

  • Asking people what gives them meaning and helping them see how that connects to the goals of the organizations.
  • Resisting giving answers and advice in favor of asking questions that draw out the wisdom in others.
  • Thinking systemically and learning about what people want to learn in order to grow during times of change.
  • Engaging in renewal that produces energy that leads to insight and break through thinking
  • Being highly collaborative and interdependent. Transformational leaders realize there is nothing they can do on their own.
  • Leading with optimism and having a can do attitude in the face of daunting realities.
  • Being eager to learn not just “what works,” but how to create and sustain cultures that support “what works.”
  • Trusting that people are good and wise and have much to contribute to the best work of the organization.

Transformational Leadership Development for Educators

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