Independent Coaches

Licensed Renewal Coaches in Independent Practice

Coaching is a form of support that provides a performance edge to leaders at all levels who want to accomplish important, meaningful work.

Are you a leader…

•    Who is successful and energetic and wants to play a bigger game and make a bigger difference for the greater good?

•    Who is aspiring to take on more responsibility in your organization and who wants to create a pattern of success in the projects you are responsible for?

•    At any level, in any position, who wants to do meaningful work that creates positive and sustainable change?

•    Who is committed to creating a culture of renewal, creativity, and innovation within your organization?

•    Who wants to launch an important project to guarantee success and sustainability?

•    Of a team that is tasked with accomplishing important work that could change the way your organization performs and provides service to others?

•    Who is tired of leading in a culture of “busyness” where everyone is working hard but no one has energy or focus for the best work of the organization?

When you work with a Licensed Renewal Coach, you have a thought partner who will care about the goals you wish to accomplish, will cause you to think deeply and broadly about the best actions to take, will ask you to commit to action, and will hold you accountable for commitments made.  With a Licensed Renewal Coach, you will launch your projects and implement your strategies.  In addition, you will feel renewed as a leader and you will create a spirit of renewal within your organization.

To work with a Licensed Renewal Coach, please visit the links below. Please note: Licensed Renewal Coaches are not authorized to provide workshops or seminars in Renewal Coaching.

Elle Allison, Ph.D

Dr. Elle Allison, Ph.D.

Dr. Elle Allison is co-founder and president of Renewal Coaching LLC.  Along with her colleague Dr. Douglas Reeves, she is co-author of the Renewal Coaching books and designer of the Renewal Coaching learning programs.  Elle coaches leaders in business, health care, educations and other industries as they accomplish extraordinary projects to make a difference for themselves, others, and the organization.  Dr. Allison also provides keynotes, academies, and seminars on leadership, coaching, renewal, sustainable change, and wisdom.  All of her programs are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Please contact Dr. Allison at

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The following Licensed Renewal Coaches are available to provide one-on-one coaching from the Renewal Coaching perspective and using the Renewal Coaching tools.  Licensed Renewal Coaching do not provide training (seminars, workshops, keynotes, lectures, presentations) in coaching or in the content and ideas of the work of Renewal Coaching.  If you are interested in presentations and training, please contact Elle Allison at

Tracee Turner, Ed.D

Dr. Tracee Turner

Dr. Turner is a licensed Renewal Coach who helps individuals succeed at their most important initiatives while simultaneously engaging in renewal for sustainable change.  Dr. Turner says, “Coaching will help you get what you want out of life. The power of reflecting and planning with a coach by your side rivals any of the best methods of private or silent reflection.”

Dr. Turner works with each individual to create a unique plan for success.  See how coaching can help you meet your goals more efficiently while expanding your energy and influence so you can play a bigger game.

To learn more about Tracee’s Renewal Coaching practice and to take advantage of a complimentary coaching session with Tracee, please visit her website at:
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