Licensed Renewal Coaches in Organizations

Licensed Renewal Coaches employed by organizations are available for personal one on one coaching. Renewal Coaches are not authorized to provide workshops and seminars in Renewal Coaching. For information about how to bring Renewal Coaching seminars and workshop to your organization, please contact Dr. Elle Allison at or call 925.786.0987

Dr. Tracee Grigsby-Turner, Alief ISD Houston TX

Dr. Tracee Grigsby-Turner

Dr. Turner is a licensed Renewal Coach who helps leaders at Alief ISD succeed at their most important initiatives while simultaneously engaging in renewal for sustainable change.  Dr. Turner says, “Coaching will help you get what you want out of life. The power of reflecting and planning with a coach by your side rivals any of the best methods of private or silent reflection.”

Dr. Turner works with each individual to create a unique plan for success.  See how coaching can help you meet your goals more efficiently while expanding your energy and influence so you can play a bigger game.

Officer Karen Coleman, Alief ISD Police Department

Officer Karen Coleman

Officer Karen Coleman is a licensed Renewal Coach who helps leaders at Alief ISD succeed in important initiatives while simultaneously enhancing their work performance. Coleman, who is also the Accountability Officer and Executive Officer to the Chief of Police, assists her coachees and members of the police force to develop unique plans for success. Officer Coleman is a Master Peace Officer, Instructor, Special Investigator and also is a published author. She is completing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Karen says. “Renewal Coaching is the magic that allows people to create a sense of renewal and accomplish goals that matter.” Officer Coleman’s motto is “Coaching causes change.”