Nominate a Wise Person or Couple

“Without such stories it is difficult to imagine how we will even ‘see’ such wisdom.”
–Randall and Kenyon (2001)

Let your voice be heard! When you refer an individual, leader, or couple to Wisdom Out, you have a voice in defining what wisdom looks like in our world today.

Do you know someone who is wise? You are invited to contact us to refer a wise person, leader, entrepreneur or couple.  We want to interview individuals representing any of the following groups:

  • Someone you know: Must be at least 18 years of age and not a member of your immediate household.
  • Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who are also doing something for the good of others.
  • Nurse leaders at any level in the system: clinical nurses, nurse educators, nurse administrators.
  • Educational leaders, at any level and from any system, who have been instrumental in helping large numbers of students learn and achieve at high levels – especially students from economically disadvantaged areas: teacher leaders, principals, superintendents, central office administrators, university educators.
  • Wise couples…you know, those romantic partners who seem to get things right, by acting wisely together in important matters of life? Please nominate these plucky pairs!

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