Wisdom in Nursing: From Transacting to Transformation

From Transacting to Transformation: Leadership Development for Nurses, Nurse Leaders and Nurse Educators

Nurse leaders that want to create sustainable wisdom at all levels in the organization understand that it is not enough to be smart and know how to manage. They know they must also create and participate in cultures that actually cultivate leadership for wise action.

Just as important, frontline nurses constantly absorb information that lead to insight; insight that could positively transform organizational processes and policies. But if staff nurses do not think of themselves as leaders, where does their wisdom go?

Based on Elle’s original research which illuminated the nature of wisdom in nurses thought to be wise, as well as from her ongoing work with nurses and health care systems, she offers workshops, keynotes, talks and bootcamps for leaders in nursing.

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ANA Book CoverNew book on Leadership Resilience for Nurses!

Introducing Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership! Published by the ANA.

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What people are saying about Bounce Forward 

“A must-read book for all leaders. Bounce Forward gives us a roadmap for using adversity as a catalyst for higher-levelthinking and ultimately to reach a higher and more effective level of leadership.”— Sharon Rohrbach, RN, Founder of Nurses for Newborns and Founder and President, Dynamic Change, LLC

“This book speaks to the daunting challenge in health care today that nurse leaders have inherent wisdom and heart to champion – it is as much about resiliency and renewal as it is about authentic resonance and innovation.”— Mary Jo Koschel, MSN, RN-BC, CFRN, Manager, Clinical Education and Innovation Center, University of Colorado Health

“This book provides wonderful examples of nurses utilizing their resiliency in the face of many adversities. A must-read for the new nurse who [by reading this book] will realize that she/he is standing on the shoulders of those who went before, and for the ‘seasoned’ nurse, for whom it will validate the belief that we all share similar experiences that have made us stronger, both professionally and personally.” Juli Maxworthy, DNP, MSN, MBA, RN, CNL, CPHQ, CPPS, CHSE, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions, University of San Francisco.

The Marie Gustin Nursing Excellence Conference

The Marie Gustin Nursing Excellence Conference

To give you an idea of our professional development for leaders in nursing and health care:

Our extremely popular Super Strong: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership

(based on Elle Allison Napolitano’s forthcoming book from the American Nurses Association (ANA)). The leadership resilience content can expand or contract, depending on your needs. Elle will provide an interactive keynote, a one or two-day workshop, or a “bootcamp experience” where teams and whole organizations immerse themselves in developing and practicing resilience while applying the ideas to a real work project.

1. Click here for a quick video about the one day leadership resilience workshop.

2. Click here for a quick video about the two-day leadership resilience workshop.

3. For information about Leadership Resilience bootcamp, click here to download a Flyer.

4. Keynotes on the topic of Leadership Resilience:  Keynotes and large group talks are mostly custom designed to meet the purpose and goals of your conference/meeting and the audience. Let me know what you are planning and I’ll organize the content to match.

Stories of Pluck and Grace: The Nature of Wisdom in Wise Nurses.

Drawing on Elle’s original research on the nature of wisdom in nurses, as well as on her continued research about leadership resilience, this keynote or extended talk focuses on what wisdom looks like in nurse leadership and the cultural practices that promote the field where wisdom flourishes.

Coaching and Mentoring Communication Skills for Nurse Leaders.

This is a highly interactive and social learning experience where nurse leaders learn a cluster of powerful coaching skills engineered within a conversation protocol that always leads to insight and action. Coaching workshops expand and contract to meet your needs.


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Leadership Coaching is a path to transformative growth for any individual or organization. I see it as a powerful tool for use in health care organizations that are wanting to develop their internal processes, renew their missions and reaffirm their goals.”
–Dolly Curran-Cameron, RN, University of New Mexico Hospitals

Articles on Nurse Wisdom and Nurse Leadership

Wisdom Dressed in Scrubs: A Non-Nurse Offers Insights to the Caring Profession
by Elle Allison, PhD.  (for Reflections on Nursing Leadership, Vol 37 Number 3)

What leadership looks like in adversity. By Elle Allison Napolitano, PhD. (Reflections on Nursing Leadership, November 2014).

ANA Self Paced Courses for  Emerging and Developing Nurse Leaders

Elle teaches two self paced, online courses for the American Nurses Association:

1. Mentor and Coach Others (PDF Flyer Here)

2. Agile Decision-Making (PDF Flyer Here)

To register for these courses, please visit:  ANA Leadership Institute

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