Wisdom in Organizations: From Grim Determination to Sustainable Change

From Grim Determination to Sustainable Change

When it comes to creating cultures that support sustainable change, effective leaders know one thing for sure: people and teams need to be empowered to do meaningful work that creates value for the organization.

Are people fully engaged in their work in order to advance the goals of your organization? Or, are they disengaged and lacking in energy and effectiveness and unable to lead important initiatives?

You know how it goes: even the best initiatives for effective change can lose steam and never reach their full potential. The reasons behind this discouraging reality quite frankly, often have to do with the diversion of energy and loss of focus on the part of those leading the change. The result is shallow implementation, uncertain results, and an exhausted and skeptical workforce. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our research and fieldwork shows that effective leaders choose to face challenges with a tremendous amount of resilience; they sustain their joy in work they find meaningful and they have energy to stay focused and create results for the organization.

Professional Development for Sustained Organizational Change

Wisdom Out provides leadership and organizational development training to help leaders, teams and organizations sustain transformational change and bring their best initiatives to deep implementation where they can make a real difference. We would love to work with you to design the right learning program for your organization. You can use the link below to go to the training portion of this website and grab a downloadable brochure. Better yet, call or email Elle to put together a professional development program that works for you >>

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Each month, we offer a complimentary webinar designed to explore various aspects of transformational leadership and leadership coaching. These webinars are consistent with our desire to keep up a regular conversation with our clients and colleagues and support you in your work. For more webinar fun, ask your team members to register with you and then continue the conversation off line with each other. You can also plan a series of webinars with Elle specifically for your team. Just give a call and we’ll put it together for you. Click here to register for our newsletter and webinar announcements. You can also click to view our list of complimentary webinars.