The Happiness Research

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.”  –Robert Louis Stevenson


We welcome your participation in our survey about the sources of happiness in the work place, during the workday. The survey will only take 15-20 minutes of your time and will be enormously helpful to the Wisdom Out community.

Happiness Matters

Over the years, I’ve observed that some leaders thrive and express joy as they go about their work, whereas others display frustration or boredom. The most discouraged leaders are so burned out that despair, the extreme opposite of happiness, envelops them in a dense fog. These leaders find it impossible to accomplish goals and they feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of their positions

Curiosity about the difference between leaders who are happy and those who are not, led me to look further. This is what I observe: Happy leaders make personal choices that produce energy for their work and lives. They have ample energy and passion to take on innovative projects that sustain the best work in their organizations. Unhappy leaders, on the other hand, may start meaningful work but they run out of steam before they can make a real difference. Moreover, to the extent that leaders are either happy or unhappy, so goes the overall happiness of the organization.

The Survey

Given the relationship between happiness and meaningful work, not to mention the devastating consequences of unhappiness—including burn out, disengagement and stress—it seems important to discover what makes for a happy day.

This research will explore how organizational happiness affects employee engagement and organizational results. We’ll illuminate these questions:

  1. What are the sources of happiness and energy in the workday?
  2. How does workplace happiness contribute to achieving meaningful organizational goals?
  3. What organizational structures promote workplace happiness?
  4. How Happy are people and how often do people have happy days at work?

To thank you for participating in this survey, you’ll receive a complimentary PDF file of “Happy: 25 Things Organizations Can Do To Increase Happiness in the Workplace.”

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