Looking for Renewal Coaching? You’re in the RIght Place!

Fear not, you’re in the right place!

Wisdom Out is now the home for Elle’s previous work in Renewal Coaching.

Why the change?

If you first knew us as Renewal Coaching, I know it feels awkward to use a different company name. But eventually the new name begins to make sense and sound “normal.” The old name (Renewal Coaching) implied that leadership coaching was our only focus, and that was limiting to us and to our clients. Wisdom Out is big enough to hold both our coaching programs and our leadership and organizational development programs. Founder and President Elle Allison-Napolitano created Wisdom Out in 2006. Since the Renewal Coaching approach is based on Elle’s wisdom research begun in 2000, Wisdom Out turns out to be the perfect “home” for Renewal Coaching.

Wisdom Out is a leadership and organizational development company that helps people, teams and organizations sustain transformational change and bring their best initiatives to deep implementation where they can make a real difference.

Thanks for coming with us on this journey.

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Best Regards,

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