Leadership Resilience Inventory

Welcome to the leadership resilience inventory! This is the same inventory from the book Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership (Allison-Napolitano, 2014) and the book for nurses: The Extraordinary Resilience of Nurse Leadership published by the American Nurses Association, 2015.

Before you click the link below to go to the inventory, remember that the inventory is designed to give you some feedback about your current leadership resilience. The great thing about resilience of course, is it is not a quality you either have or don’t have–you can actually learn to become more resilient, when you put your mind to it. Learning resilience really is a practice. Every day you can decide to respond to set backs with resilience. And if you blow it one minute, you can choose the very next minute to respond with actions that help you draw down even greater resilience.

For more information and for lots of ideas about how you can develop your leadership resilience, check out the book Bounce Forward.

Click Here to Go to the Online Inventory Site

IMPORTANT:  Once you start the inventory, don’t use the “back” arrow on your browser or you may lose your answers and have to start over (bummer).
Just as IMPORTANT: As you respond to the questions in the inventory, be as honest as possible and don’t over think your response. No one but you will see the results unless you choose to share them, and the inventory is most authentic and helpful when used in the spirit of self-reflection.
Your Results: Will come to you in an email. You will see where your score falls in a range. You might also be interested in knowing where leaders who rate themselves highest on happiness and meaningful work fall on the scales; kind of an optimal profile of leadership resilience. If you are interested in this additional information, please send me an email and I will send you a PDF file where you can plot your scores along side the optimal profile.
As with any inventory, this is not a diagnostic tool. Instead, it offers feedback for reflection and points to places where you can focus to deepen your leadership resilience capacity.