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ANA Book CoverNew Book for Health Care Givers!

From the American Nurses Association

 “A must-read book for all leaders. Bounce Forward gives us a roadmap for using adversity as a catalyst for higher-level thinking and ultimately to a higher and more effective level of leadership.”

Sharon Rohrbach, RN
Founder and President
Dynamic Change, LLC


“This book speaks to the daunting challenge in healthcare today that nurse leaders have inherent wisdom and heart to champion- it is as much about resiliency and renewal as it is about authentic resonance and innovation.”

Mary Jo Koschel, MSN, RN-BC, CFRN
Clinical Education and Innovation Center
University of Colorado Health

“The necessity of having or the willingness to develop resilience in nursing is tied to the words of Nightingale, who stated in the Nightingale pledge, ‘I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession.’ These words should empower those in the nursing profession to utilize their resiliency to ensure the voices of their patients and families, and their own voices, are heard. This book provides wonderful examples of nurses utilizing their resiliency in the face of many adversities. A must-read for the new nurse who by reading this book will realize that she/he is standing on the shoulders of those who went before, and for the ‘seasoned’ nurse, for whom it will validate the belief that we all share similar experiences that have made us stronger, both professionally and personally.”

Juli Maxworthy, DNP, MSN, MBA, RN, CNL, CPHQ, CPPS, CHSE
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions
University of San Francisco

Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership

For Educators, from Corwin Press

cover-BounceForwardx300Praise for Bounce Forward from Dr. Michael Fullan:

“There is not much publicly known work available on the concept of resilience yet it is the most commonly needed response in our lives. By definition more and more of our experiences are non-linear and punctuated with unpredictable events. Elle does not have abstract ‘turn the other cheek’ advice. She wants us to be as tough as the circumstances require. In the final analysis we need to be softer on our selves as we are harder on dealing with problems.

Bounce Forward is a wonderful book in that it is as realistic as it is inspiring. Read it and it will take you deeper into your life, past, present and future. It will bring you to tears, but ultimately it will put a bounce in your step.”

Elle offers a keynote, workshops and a “Resilience Bootcamp.” Click here to learn more.

Introducing Elle’s new book on leadership coaching:

Flywheel: Transformational leadership coaching for sustainable change

Leadership coaching that moves beyond the status quo and develops the next generation of transformational leaders.

In Flywheel: Transformational Leadership Coaching for Sustainable Change (Corwin Press 2013)  Elle Allison-Napolitano provides a guide for leaders who want to learn how to coach their peers and colleagues who are at the helm of important work.  

Praise for Flywheel

Debbie Lee, Executive Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction Waterloo Community Schools, IA.

“In a world of ever-mounting educational challenges, Dr. Allison Napolitano’s work brings refreshing clarity to understanding transformational leadership coaching. Transformational coaching is the most compelling model in the coaching literature and will sustain the meaningful change needed to improve instruction and provide world class educational opportunities for students.”

Dr. Ann W. Davis, Clinical Assistant Professor. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC:

“Flywheel is a must read for any professional hoping to make organizational change through leadership coaching.  Elle Allison-Napolitano’s writing is engaging with rich stories, strong research and easy to follow instructions that will build leadership capacity in any organization.”

Tracee Grigsby-Turner, Supervisor of Professional Development, Alief ISD, TX:

“I know there are a lot of “brands” of coaching out there, but Flywheel puts together the skills of great coaching that makes it appealing and manageable for people who may never have thought of themselves as a leader who could coach. Flywheel has synthesized the craft of coaching to a form that is both understandable and accessible to anyone wanting to support others in their important work.”

Doreen M. Corrente, Executive Director, R I Center For School Leadership

“Flywheel is powerful, practical and empowering!  Elle Allison-Napolitano effectively provides the reader with a deep understanding of the tools and strategies of Leadership Coaching that support meaningful and productive conversations in educational environments.  Leaders will be inspired to apply the “Powerful Coaching Conversation” process to promote growth, enhance performance and to transform the culture of their schools by investment in collaborative, sustainable change.”

Flywheel answers these questions:

  • How do leaders who coach their peers and colleagues develop the next generation of leaders?
  • What does it mean to serve as a “thought partner” for colleagues at the helm of meaningful change?
  • How do powerful coaching conversations challenge assumptions and catalyze transformative innovation?
  • How does leadership coaching lift people and programs beyond the demands of the status quo?

What Makes Flywheel Different From Other Leadership Coaching Models:

  • Develops leadership for change, not just managing day to day challenges
  • Geared especially  for leaders at the helm of crucial projects in the organization
  • Designed for any leader at any level in the system, not limited to administrators .
  • Seeks to rewire the system for sustainable change—not just implement good ideas that never take hold.
  • Helps leaders deepen their leadership abilities through focus on real work and real issues in the organization

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