Keynotes, Workshops, Development Programs


Since 2000, when her original research revealed the crucial element of resilience in wise leadership, Elle’s keynotes and seminars have helped leaders grow in resilience, respond elegantly to the chronic stressors and acute shocks inherent to leadership, and introduce positive disruptive change into the organizations they lead.

Elle’s keynotes, workshops, and development programs are high energy, high content, and fun¬†(as resilience is honed mostly through the college of hard knocks; you’ve got to laugh). She transfers aspirational ideas into highly practical applications that empower leaders and teams to respond to adversity with pluck, grace, and good cheer.

In this video, Elle and a few workshop attendees talk about the popular Leadership Resilience Bootcamp.

Elle Allison-Napolitano, PhD is founder of Wisdom Out, a company specializing in leadership development and organizational learning by focusing on the nature of resilience and how it empowers leaders to transform adversity into growth.