Processes that Remove Barriers to Breakthrough Thinking and Action

Our processes and protocols bring diverse people together to identify problems and opportunities, invent responses, adapt and learn, and take action to create organizational cultures and systems for a greater good.

What can facilitation produce for organizations?

  • Agendas for action and strategy implementation
  • Powerful conversations to sustain initiatives
  • Problem identification
  • Solution Discovery
  • Creative insight and invention
  • Consensus building
  • Networks of Relationships
  • Understanding and good will between stakeholders
  • Ways to have difficult conversations
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational learning

We crave working with organizations that seek a multidisciplinary approach to creating solutions. For example in one of our client organizations, our consulting and facilitation processes allowed the district police force, the HR department and school administrators to work together in order to invent a transformational approach to supervision processes and coaching. In another organization administrators and members of the teacher’s bargaining unit worked together to develop Thought Leadership Questions to use in their performance review process. Yet another client was able to produce a white paper on 21st century learning environments, representing diverse ideas from communities across the country and from diverse industries.

To accomplish these results, Dr. Elle Allison-Napolitano and her colleagues use myriad facilitation processes that promote and sustain inspired thinking and action.

Examples of Facilitation Processes:

  • Peer to peer leadership coaching
  • Open Space Technology
  • Story telling
  • User interviews
  • Brain storming and “How we Might Questions”
  • Powerful Conversation Protocols
  • First 100 Day Plans
  • Greater Good Idea vetting processes
  • Questions for playing a bigger game
  • Visual displays of information and thinking maps
  • Thought Leadership Questions and constraining questions
  • Mental models to surface assumptions
  • Poster session fairs
  • Feedback grills
  • Feedback through “I like, I wish, what if?”

Elle is a skilled facilitator who will first listen to your needs and dreams for your organization and then will work with you to co-design an agenda that puts forth a set of facilitation processes that lead to insight, group leadership, and action.