Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership

Elle’s newest book on Leadership Resilience.

NOTE:  In addition to Elle’s book on leadership resilience for school leaders, A new version of Bounce Forward for Nurse leaders, is now available from  American Nurses Association (ANA) and on Amazon.


cover-BounceForwardx220Praise for Bounce Forward from Dr. Michael Fullan:

“There is not much publicly known work available on the concept of resilience yet it is the most commonly needed response in our lives. By definition more and more of our experiences are non-linear and punctuated with unpredictable events. Elle does not have abstract ‘turn the other cheek’ advice. She wants us to be as tough as the circumstances require. In the final analysis we need to be softer on our selves as we are harder on dealing with problems. Bounce Forward is a wonderful book in that it is as realistic as it is inspiring. Read it and it will take you deeper into your life, past, present and future. It will bring you to tears, but ultimately it will put a bounce in your step.”

What: During times of disruptive change and unlimited creative opportunity, leadership resilience is essential.

Through compelling stories, Elle offers a keynote that gets people thinking about their personal capacity for resilience and introduces several approaches for being more resilient. Elle also leads a two and a half day “bootcamp” where leadership teams can learn together and commit to resilience actions back in the workplace. We can also divide the content into three one day workshops and we can combine team leadership coaching to support implementation.

Who: Leaders at all levels in the organization, leadership teams, leadership coaches and mentors who support novice and veteran leaders in accomplishing meaningful work.

Five Reasons Why Leaders Need to Increase their Resilience

  1. Adversity is neither rare nor unusual. As the saying goes, “stuff happens.”
  2. Resilient leaders achieve goals.
  3. Resilient leaders manage the stress of change and they grow wiser through adversity.
  4. Life is better.
  5. Because you can (the American Psychological Association says with mindfulness and practice, everyone can become more resilient)

Learning Outcomes::

  • Understand what it really means to be a resilient leader.
  • A model to guide you in creating a resilience learning agenda.
  • Strategies for increasing your personal resilience capacity through relationships, emotional intelligence and renewal.
  • Apply the cycle of resilience to important work facing you now.
  • Assess resilience in yourself and in your organization.
  • Leave with a plan of action for creating a more resilient culture.
  • Practice conversations that allow you and others to draw on resilience during times of difficulty.


More Praise for Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m so interested in this topic or because the book is so well written or both, but for one of the first times in my life I read this entire manuscript in one sitting. I could not stop turning the pages. Each chapter offered cutting edge research, concrete examples, tools for self-assessment, and questions for reflection and discussion. Elle Napolitano has written the quintessential book on educational leadership.”                                                                                                        Bestselling Author Debbie Silver, Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed. 

“Public education’s 21st century leaders are being challenged with the daunting task of making America’s students college and career competitive in a global society.  Leadership resilience is the linchpin of 21st century leadership survival and success.  Allison-Napolitano’s book is an insightful guide to resilience and is a MUST read for today’s leaders and aspiring leaders.”

Anita Johnson, Executive Director of the National Center for Education, Research and Technology (NCERT)

“In Bounce Forward: The Extraordinary Resilience of Leadership Elle Allison-Napolitano speaks directly to each reader in a voice full of enthusiasm and spirit.  As a result this book on leadership succeeds where many fail in that it actually provides the energy to go along with its strong content.  The numerous leadership stories are part of the secret of this book, but, in addition, it’s the way in which Elle sits with the reader and speaks with a voice of experience that never loses its “bounce.”  She has been there, and she truly understands the power and the rewards of resilience in leadership.  It’s rare to read a book on leadership with a smile on your face even as you learn some powerful lessons from the many activities, questions, and tools provided.  This is not only a must read, it’s a must re-read, and a must practice, and a must share. There is no doubt that we can all use a “bounce forward” as we provide leadership during these difficult times.”

Richard Hanzelka, Ph.D, Professor of Education, St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA and past president of ASCD

“Drawing on a wealth of relevant research literature, Dr. Allison provides practical strategies and tools for assessing and building resilience.  Supported by case studies that will resonate with educational leaders, she presents a model of resilience as a discipline to be practiced.  I highly recommend her book to support both novice and veteran leaders and their teams looking to continually improve individual and organizational capacity to “bounce forward.”

Dr. Pamela Comfort, Associate Superintendent, Contra Costa County Office of Education.