Launching Your Best Initiatives: The First 100 Days

Make your initiatives strong right from the start.

Who wants to squander 100 days?

100 days = one quarter = three months = 2400 hours, = 144,000 minutes.

You can do great things in 100 days.

Joan Baez famously said, “Action is the antidote to despair.” Leaders who get things done wake up in the morning with an urgent desire to make a difference. They don’t just talk about taking action for positive change, they become involved and lead projects that move the organization forward. These leaders are bold for sure, but they are also wise; they know the high impact actions that bank initiatives toward success.

Key Concepts

  • There is a relationship between action taken in the first 100 days of any initiative and deep implementation and impact in the coming years.
  • If we don’t get things moving in the first 100 days, we have nothing to learn from–nothing to fine tune or revise.
  • Certain high impact actions guarantee a positive initiative launch (we teach those actions in this workshop!).
  • Early wins are essential to engagement and buy in.
  • Performance indicators from three simple levels show the progress of your initiatives.
  • Powerful leadership coaching conversations keep leaders sharp and innovative during the first 100 days of launching an initiative.


  • Participants learn the process of First 100-Day Planning. Every person/team leaves with a completed 100-day template and plan to launch or revitalize an important initiative.
  • A focused approach to starting and completing projects.
  • More people who know how to successfully launch an initiative toward deep implementation.
  • Sustained impact and results from successfully implemented initiatives.
  • More individuals and teams boldly assuming successful leadership roles in the organization and confidently taking action in promising initiatives.
  • Greater “buy-in” and engagement for mission critical initiatives.
  • Organizational learning and growth about the process of launching successful initiatives.

Who is This Workshop For?

  • Anyone who wants to start or revitalize an initiative through projects they can lead (senior leaders, teachers, professors, team leaders, principals, supervisors, managers, department chairs).
  • Project leaders who want a clear plan of action for the first 100-days.
  • Teams that want to focus on a specific project and achieve outcomes together.
  • Program managers who are responsible for leading and revitalizing new and existing initiatives.
  • Anyone with a great idea that they feel passion for and that advances the mission of the organization.