Happy Leaders Doing Meaningful Work for a Greater Good

After the First 100 Days: How to Sustain Your Leadership Focus

The Choices and Practices of Leaders Who Achieve Sustainable Change

Based on the leadership stories and processes documented in the Renewal Coaching Fieldbook, Dr. Allison guides workshop participants through a personal exploration of the practices of happy leaders doing meaningful work and the coaching conversations that keep them sharp, innovative and renewed.

“Elle and Douglas have written an important book that could change the way business is done by changing the lives of people doing it.”
–Rick Foster, Author of How we Choose to be Happy and Happiness and Health

Key Concepts

This workshop teaches the choices and practices of effective leaders who sustain meaningful change. Our research shows that leaders who find meaning in their work and achieve results are also:

  • Extraordinarily resilient. They bounce forward in the face of loss.
  • Energized from taking care of themselves and cultivating happiness.
  • Emotionally resonant. They create forcefields of hope, compassion and mindfulness that moves others to action.
  • Well connected through networks of important relationships.
  • Great coaches. They build leadership in others.
  • More optimistic than cynical. They look at brutal facts and believe they can make a difference.
  • Wise and timely decision makers.


At the end of this seminar participants leave with a blueprint for leading and sustaining a specific change initiative they want to start or revitalize in their organization.

  • Sustained initiatives that lead to deep implementation and results.
  • Resilient leaders who create resilient organizations.
  • Energized and focused leadership practices over grim determination.
  • Buy in, engagement, and powerful relationships.
  • Reduced leadership stress.
  • Energy and happiness to fuel meaningful work.
  • Leaders with the courage and confidence to engage in renewal instead of frantic busyness.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Senior leaders who wish to set an example of sustainable leadership instead of grim determination.
  • Leaders at all levels in the organization who want to be more effective and experience more energy and less stress.
  • Anyone yearning to make a difference and even leave a legacy that creates positive and lasting change.
  • Leaders who want to do a better job of balancing life and work responsibilities.