Flywheel: Transformational Leadership Coaching for Sustainable Change

This is Wisdom Out’s Flagship Leadership Coaching Program, based on Elle’s new book Flywheel: Transformational Leadership Coaching for Sustainable Change (Corwin Press, 2013).

Powerful conversations for meaningful work and organizational results.

“Suffice it to say. I think this workshop provided more thought provoking time than any graduate class I have ever taken, and that is a long list. It was just perfect for me, and honestly, I feel refreshed and renewed with my work to breathe just a little easier and to spend more time contemplating a bigger game.”
–Dr. Barb Hansen, Dave Longaberger Professor of Teaching and Learning (New Concord, OH)

“In a world of ever-mounting challenges, Dr. Allison Napolitano’s work brings refreshing clarity to understanding transformational leadership coaching. Transformational coaching is the most compelling model in the coaching literature and will sustain the meaningful change needed to improve instruction and provide world class educational opportunities for students.” ~ Debbie Lee, Executive Director K-12 Curriculum and Instruction Waterloo Community Schools.

Flywheel, The Flagship Leadership Coaching Program.

Even highly effective leaders, who possess years of successful experience, can succumb to the change killing forces of the status quo. This is the significance of coaching.  Flywheel, our flagship leadership coaching program picks up where training, teaching and modeling leaves off. This is a transformational leadership coaching approach that places the locus of control firmly in the hands of the person being coached, not the person doing the coaching. At the same time, leadership coaches push others to clarify, reflect, problem solve, reframe, consider new perspectives, learn, and achieve new insights that lead to bold action.

As famous surgeon and author Atul Gawande wrote in the September 2011 issue of the New Yorker, ‘No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own. That’s where coaching comes in.”

Key Concepts

  • Effective leaders embrace leadership coaching because it gives them a performance edge.
  • Leadership coaching produces results that are different from mentoring, supervising, teaching, consulting, and collaborating.
  • Leadership coaching increases confidence in others who must lead complex work and produce results.
  • Leadership coaching can occur in a single conversation, a series of  conversations, and as you go about interacting with people during the  workday.
  • Real time leadership conversations produce greater insight and action than structured feedback systems.
  • Leadership coaching employs powerful conversation skills: listening, deepening understanding, reflecting, and Thought Leadership Questions.
  • Coaching conversations always lead to action and empowerment.
  • Leadership coaching supports high performing leaders who want to sustain their ability to do meaningful work that drive results.


  • Participants leave with our one of a kind Powerful Renewal Coaching Conversation Protocol and  Transfer Tool.
  • A cadre of leadership coaches in your organization who employ a powerful, ethical and transformational coaching perspective.
  • More people accomplishing the most important goals of the organization.
  • More people interacting with each other through a coaching mindset and using powerful conversational skills that permeate the organization.
  • Improved relationships and partnerships between individuals and teams.
  • Inspired thought and innovative action that lead to measurable outcomes for the organization.

Who this Program is for

  • Organizations that want to develop a cadre of internal leadership coaches who will support new or veteran leaders through single or a series of coaching conversation sessions.
  • Leaders who coach and who want to deepen their coaching effectiveness.
  • Coaches who support senior leaders, managers, supervisors and who want to employ a transformation leadership coaching approach.
  • Instructional and academic coaches who want to support colleagues who are leading system wide initiatives to deep implementation.
  • Departments and teams within organizations that want to coach and be coached by colleagues and peers.