Performance Improvement Coaching Conversations

Nobody’s P3rfect… Oops, I mean Perfect

“We all have theĀ  responsibility to improve and support our colleagues. The Performance Improvement Coaching Conversation takes the drama out of an emotionally charged situation.”
–Dr. Tracee Grigsby, Professional Development Coordinator, Alief ISD

As lifelong learners, most people strive to better themselves. But every now and then, leaders work with employees who are in need of improvement. Directors, supervisors, managers, and team leaders often find themselves in the position of leading individuals who have great potential, but who need to step up and actively improve their performance.

Performance Improvement Coaching from Wisdom Out answers these questions:

  • How do you coach employees who are in need of improvement?
  • How do you hold performance improvement conversations in a manner that reduces stress rather than adds to stress?
  • What does a performance improvement coaching conversation look like and sound like?
  • What process and protocol makes the conversation “turn out well” and lead to a greater sense of efficiency and engagement in work for the person in need of coaching?
  • What if you are fed up with the person who is in need of improvement? How do adjust your attitude in order to be of service?
  • What links the performance improvement coaching conversation to the overall supervision and evaluation framework?
  • How do you communicate the performance improvement coaching process to a direct support or colleague and gain their interest and participation?

Benefits to Participants

  • Command and confidence in using the Performance Improvement Coaching Powerful Conversation Protocol.
  • Comfort from mastering a process that is specifically designed to make performance improvement coaching conversation “turn out well.”
  • Confidence in holding performance improvement coaching conversations with direct reports and colleagues.
  • Greater rapport with individuals who are in need of improvement.
  • A reputation as a leader who believes in the potential of others and for supporting their development.
  • An ability to distinguish between employees who are willing to grow and change and those who are not.

Benefits to Organizations

  • Increased retention of employees who have already received investment and support from the organization.
  • A reputation as an organization that believes in growing leaders and providing support to employees who need to improve.
  • An engaged and innovative workforce producing meaningful outcomes.
  • A culture of inquiry and action and embedded values of continuous improvement.
All workshops teach strategies for sustainable personal and organizational change. To schedule a Performance Improvement Coaching Workshop for your organization, please contact Elle.