The Coaching Leader: Coach More, Lead More

Leadership Development, One Conversation at a Time.

“Coaching is the way, all the way.”
–Police Chief Dan Turner, Alief ISD

Leaders who coach know a great little secret:
The more you coach, the more you lead.

The Coaching Leader

If leadership is about having all the right answers all the time, then being a leader is a daunting vocation. The “leader as expert” paradigm not only creates stress for leaders, but it weakens the organization. True leadership is about developing others, providing them with opportunities to wrestle with challenges, make decisions, and enjoy the efficacy and confidence that comes from thinking out loud with someone who listens and asks great questions.

Leaders who add a coaching approach to their leadership repertoire engage in powerful conversations that inspire and empower others to take action and be accountable for results.

Key Concepts

  • Coaching reduces the risk of driving topĀ  talent from the organization.
  • Leaders who coach make a difference through the conversation–not by advising, directing, and providing answers.
  • Leaders wear many hats. They supervise, mentor, facilitate, consult and advice. But leaders who want to develop other leaders at all levels in the organization, are also great coaches.
  • Know when to coach and when coaching is not the best method in the moment.
  • Leaders who coach ask questions that introduce new perspectives and create insight that leads to action and ownership.
  • Leaders who coach share more responsibility for tasks and important work in the organization–which connects initiatives and reduces busyness for all.
  • Coaching creates awareness and deep knowledge of the rationales and stories behind decisions.
  • How to use coaching skills in every conversation, even those that are only 10 minutes long.


  • In this development program, leaders learn how to hold conversations on the job and in a way that develops leadership in others as they wrestle with the dilemmas of the day and create results for the organization.
  • More leaders at all levels who are clear about outcomes, focused in action, and create measurable results for the organization.
  • Retention of top talent who see your organization as a place where they can grow.
  • More leaders who make a difference for others through conversations that coach and inspire rather than tell, advise and control.
  • More people in the organization to turn to, in order to think out loud, plan ahead, learn from experience, celebrate wins and increase clarity.
  • Less stress for senior leaders, managers, and supervisors who no longer have to have all the answers, all the time.
  • More leaders who say they have more time and more energy to lead and develop others.

Who is this program for?

  • Senior leaders who want to develop members of their leadership team.
  • Senior leaders, managers, and supervisors who want to raise up new leaders in the organization.
  • Managers and supervisors who want to respond with a coaching approach when employees approach them and say, “Do you have a minute?”
  • Team leaders who want to support colleagues and peers.
  • HR Directors who want to develop a cadre of employees who can provide single coaching conversations to focus on day to day challenges in important work